The ‘SteppingStone Training Approach’

SteppingStone is not a traditional training company! So what do the SteppingStone activities include?

We optimize the human potential & resources within your organisation, helping your management and employees to use the available expertise, processes, procedures and resources in a more effective way.

  • No typical academic or ex-cathedra presentations
  • No traditional consulting …
  • Interactive training & coaching sessions
  • An effective and practical approach
  • With concrete and easy to implement tools
  • Focus on the goals instead of staying stuck with the problems
  • In Company Training

    SteppingStone follows a simple 4 step method to ensure that the best result is obtained:

    Step 1 of 4: Pre-Need Analysis and Defining Objectives
    Step 2 of 4: Interactive Coaching Sessions
    Step 3 of 4: Evaluation, Measurement & Analysis of Evolution & Improvement
    Step 4 of 4: Follow-up & Implementation Sessions
  • Open Workshops

    In the training we use simple and immediate applicable models, we work with 3 essential progressive steps:

    1st Possibility and solution oriented thinking: Awareness
    2nd Objective oriented communication: Framing the message
    3rd Result oriented working: Concrete action plans (Who – What – When)

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