• Group Coaching

    We provide a total approach of modular services, which we can also deliver individually, to build tailor made enhancement programmes for optimizing the human capital.

    Each integral project (or route) at SteppingStone includes 3 phases:

    • Needs Analysis and Preparation (Phase 1)
    • Training & Coaching Sessions – Interactive Workshops (Phase 2)
    • Concrete Implementation & Follow-up (Phase 3)
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  • Individual Coaching

    SteppingStone Global’s individual coaching provides one-on-one customized leadership development for top managers and executives. Our coaching approach ensures that we establish a sound and constructive relationship between coach and coached individual.

    The coach builds on this relationship, supervising the assessment, challenging the participant in a manner that encourages the stretch needed for development, and then supporting the participant to insure positive change and sustainable results.

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  • Team Building

    Based on the same SteppingStone philosophy and approach we can provide you with executive team building sessions and team building programs around leadership, cooperation, motivation, optimization, goal achievement, strategic planning…

    Whether you need a more relaxed approach or a serious program, we will be able to assist you. Our expert team building partners can design the perfect event and program according to your objectives and challenges.

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