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CFO Services – Activate and Achieve change for CFO’s evolving needs

Transform operations, Catalyst for growth while accelerating results through improved decisive action

Partnering with the business, the CFO Service reflects true accountability.  We are dedicated to bring business, operational, technology and finance expertise to help you deliver in an environment where owners and shareholders demand optimal business performance and value creation.

Supporting your CFO and Finance Team

Asked to set the stage for new growth opportunities that build shareholder value while managing costs, risks, quality of earnings, and compliance. SSG provides today’s CFOs with leadership, action and results for their evolving needs.

More is expected of today’s finance executive. The days of simply overseeing the traditional finance and accounting functions of an organization are long gone. Today’s CFO is expected to serve as a business partner in addition to overseeing the financial health of the organization, creating and managing flexible operating models and delivering timely and insightful decisions based on trusted analytic and financial information. The CFO role is pivotal in Strategy, and critically important providing leadership for capability development and performance management.

We understand the challenges faced by Boards, CFO’s and the Executive Management: – harness our experience to make better business decisions based on sound and timely financial information advice, call us to discuss our engagement on;

Finance “fit for purpose”

Finance “fit for purpose” – operating with focus on generating value

A step change and unlocking value at every stage, meeting the needs of the Board and Executive Management in the cost or performance of its finance and accounting function. We thrive on building and executing a road map to deliver the initiatives needed to transform your operating model, processes and organization. Alignment and capability build of finance function with the primary focus of generating organizational value from the team. We will address such areas as;

  1. Finance function Integration into the wider organization ensuring value is derived for enterprise benefit, developing finance business partners integrated and at the forefront serving the business.
  2. Finance function Strategy development – we assist our clients in performing diagnosis, determining the target state and carrying out the necessary actions to increase the efficiency of the finance function.
  3. Profitability and Cost Management is central to the finance functions responsibility, review of the business structure and drivers of cost and revenue resulting in optimized profitability is paramount for sustainable competitive growth.
  4. Working Capital Optimization we will develop practical solutions that will allow for greater effectiveness with working capital management, increasing the company’s liquidity, and support for maintaining capital at optimal levels.
  5. Setting up robust financial reporting information flow and structures to ensure reporting is timely, accurate and insightful to ensure that business decision-making is supported by relevant data, single source of relevance for the business.
  6. Performance Management and the finance functions role in integrated reporting ensuring KPI performance measures are accurately reflected and aligned to overall business strategy.
  7. Finance function target operating model – we assist our clients in developing target operating models that cover the company’s objectives, competences, processes and procedures.
  8. Assessment of personnel and finance function job descriptions – enabling the CFO to evaluate employee’s knowledge, skills, professional and personal qualities, to see the potential for personnel rotation and set a background for motivation system development.
  9. IPO readiness, finance having a pivotal role in developing goodwill through transparent financial reporting and Corporate Governance ensuring highest enterprise value is derived.
  10. Development of best practise finance processes and methodologies is key and fundamental to running a fit for purpose finance function.
Finance Integration and Performance Management

Finance Integration and Performance Management – trusted business partner

Driving growth through integrated financial reporting where single source of relevant information is key to your company’s competitive edge. We will assist you in this alignment, ensuring strategic and operational financial input will excel to you achieving your growth and profitability plans. We will address the drivers such as;

  1. Vision and Road map Strategy Development
  2. Process improvements for:
    1. Strategic Modeling and Planning
    2. Budgeting and Forecasting
    3. Reporting and Analytic
Finance Optimization

Finance Optimization – driving High Performance Organization

Staying true to our five core finance deliverables of;

  1. Accurate and timely reporting
  2. Business insight
  3. Balance sheet optimization
  4. Cost and process efficiency
  5. Our finance talent

We will address and improve the core operating activities and take care of the following;

  1. Management Reporting – preparation of the management reporting pack to include:
  • Profit and Loss Account, with appropriate comparisons
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash Flow statement
  • Key performance indicators
  • Analysis of difference between actual results and budget
  • Debtor and creditor analysis
  1. Financial Planning – we assist in the preparation of:
  • Annual budgets
  • Periodic rolling forecast
  • Multi-year business plans
  • Cash flow forecast
  1. Financial Statements and reporting process – we assist with:
  • Preparation of year end statutory financial statements for audit
  • Compilation of records and schedules in preparation for audit
  • Liaising with auditors to ensure smooth completion of audit
  • Preparation of year end un audited financial statements
Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation – getting the numbers right, a step change to unlocking value at every stage

Transforming your balance sheet and profit and loss to reflect the ultimate position – we will revive your assets and your liabilities to ensure an optimized utilization of the wider business is achieved. Looking at the activity drivers of your business, cost and income, we will develop initiatives to drive efficiencies in your business model.

We will highlight and identify the real culprits for high costs, working capital erosion, or poor performance and assist with the changes needed to address them. We will typically address such as the following;

  • Cash flow assessment and forecasting
  • Investment returns and bench-marking
  • Days sales outstanding – debtors to cash
  • Working Capital improvements
  • Rapid cost reduction
  • Controlling and finance risk mitigations
  • Revenue assurance
  • Product and line of business profitability
  • Cost structure and efficiencies
  • Finance and accounting improvements
  • Financial and management reporting
  • Finance policy and procedures
  • Corporate Governance and improvements
Finance Executive advisory and Interim Leadership

Finance Executive advisory and Interim Leadership – supporting leadership structure accelerating efficiency

The typical challenge for established companies is the how to achieve sustainable profitable growth. This often requires a detailed understanding of profitability by product, line of business and / or service, getting clear visibility on cash flow and working capital requirements, and effectively structuring the business to facilitate that growth.

Do you need strategic and operational financial input to help you achieve your growth and profitability plans. CFO services recognises this need and fills the gap, we will address these items through;

  • Executive advisory services
  • Interim Management, CFO, Accounting and Controlling
  • Internal diagnostics and audit, including forensic investigations
  • Capability build
  • Coaching and training
Finance Transaction due diligence and M&A

Finance Transaction due diligence and M&A – synergy and alignment for profitable growth

Our priority is to facilitate your business to run smoothly, to help you meet your financial objectives and increase your net worth.

Armed with a thorough understanding of your business objectives and operational structure, we can asses, design and implement an action plan that will inspire success:

  • Due diligence projects
  • Mergers and acquisition, transactions support
  • Advise on business structure and company incorporation
  • Accounting and MIS systems recommendations and implementations
  • Business and financial planning
  • Operational analysis and planning
  • Banking / financing relationships
Finance Partner in Board Room attendance

Finance Partner in Board Room attendance – generating organizational value

We will cut through the complexities and convey the story. Report with confidence, making timely, accurate and insightful reporting the norm, it is what is expected from a high performance organization. At SSG we assist with removing roadblocks that prevent a timely reporting of results. We will design and document key controls and quickly identify and re-mediate drivers of control failures.

Our track record of Board Room attendance and broad industrial experience positions us to make an active contribution to the Board – driving corporate governance and shareholder value.

Our Board Room participation will generate added value through the position of;

  • Non Executive Director – Board attendance
  • Board sub-committee engagements
    1. Audit Committee
    2. Risk Committee
    3. Transformation Committee
    4. Remuneration and nomination committee
    5. Other Board sub committees

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