What We Do


  • All coaching and training programs at SteppingStone Global are based on our core values of win-win, respect and economic benefit.

    However, we recognise that each client organisation has its own mission, vision and values and faces a distinctive set of challenges.  We understand that organisations comprise a diversity of individuals with a unique range of expertise.

    Therefore, at SteppingStone Global, we design, develop and execute customised programs for each client.  These programs are devised to help organisations optimise the human potential in their organisation and bring about solution oriented collaboration that ensures synergy and alignment and ultimately lasting change and business success.

  • Simply put, for SteppingStone Global, there are no problems, only steppingstones to solutions.

    Working in English and Arabic as required, SteppingStone Global adopts a hands-on, practical approach to all workshops and individual training plans so that skills developed can be readily learnt and easily transferred.

    SteppingStone Global uses a three staged process to identify synergies, bring about alignment and transform organisational performance to ensure long term organisational success.  As such, we emphasise action rather than theory.

Three Stage Process

  • Analysis

    Based on meetings with senior management and a series of confidential interviews, SteppingStone Global’s coaches define objectives, identify challenges and determine how issues are perceived within the organisation.

  • Intervention

    SteppingStone Global’s coaches design and deliver a customised interactive training and coaching program that includes group workshops and individual action plans to address challenges and ensure that learnt skills are cascaded throughout the organisation.

  • Implementation and follow-up

    SteppingStone Global’s coaches evaluate a program’s success and report on improvements to ensure continuous progress and lasting change, with follow-up coaching sessions as required.


Consulting, Coaching & Training

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    Our clients expect and receive customized solutions that lead to measurable and substantial improvement in performance and business results to achieve sustainability for competitive advantage. This is what sets SteppingStone apart from the others

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    We provide a total approach of modular services, which we can also deliver individually, to build tailor made enhancement programmes for optimizing the human capital.

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    SteppingStone is not a traditional training company! We optimize the human potential & resources within your organisation, helping your management and employees to use the available expertise, processes, procedures and resources in a more effective way.

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