Sales Workshops


These workshops and coaching programs are given as open seminars as well as in-company projects. The content of the programs are ‘custom made’ according to the objectives, topics, challenges and needs of the organization or organizer. The approach and format will be adjusted according to the attending public.

Objective Oriented Sales
  • Objective oriented planning (Objectives – Obstacles – Resources)
  • Target oriented prospection and sales actions
  • Customer’s Needs & Criteria Analysis
  • Win/Win closing techniques
Effective Sales Techniques
  • To provide practical tools and techniques to improve the performance and results of salespeople for effective planning and proper time management.
Customer Oriented Sales Communication
  • To create awareness about the importance of a customer – oriented attitude of a professional salesperson
Solution Oriented Customer Service
  • To create awareness that as a representative of the company, your approach will have a positive or negative impact on the image by the customer.

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