Other Programmes


We organize workshops and seminars as well as long term coaching programs. These workshops and coaching programs are given as open seminars as well as in-company projects. The content of the programs are ‘custom made’ according to the objectives, topics, challenges and needs of the organization or organizer. The approach and format will be adjusted according to the attending public.

Team Building Solution
  • Optimising communication & co-work in a team or organisation
  • Improving the motivation & sense of belonging
  • How to delegate and empower my team and my staff
  • Optimising Change (reorganisation, merge, partnership…)
Optimising the Available Human Potential and Resources
  • Analysing the actual situation and challenges
  • Defining clearly the objectives/targets
  • Defining the real causes of the actual situation
  • Evaluating the available human and other resources
  • Working out concrete and realistic action plans

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