Vision, Mission & Values



To be the recognised leader in the GCC for creating synergy within and between organizations and through alignment of strategies with management and employee processes. Enable teamwork to outperform individual excellence delivering value to all stakeholders.


Revealing and optimizing the existing potential of the people and resources of organisations through solution driven analysis, communication and action. Providing a framework that accelerates competence in and commitment to strategic and business plan execution and follow-through on the delivery of expected results.


  • Win/Win

    We strive to ensure that when decisions are made and actions set in motion, the anticipated outcomes are beneficial to all stakeholders and sustainable in the long term.

  • Respect

    We accept and respect differences and work in partnership with individuals and groups regardless of background, status or position, both within SteppingStone Global and with our clients.

  • Economically Beneficial

    We provide value to our clients aiming to be fair and reasonable in our service offerings, such that the sustainable results achieved by our clients are greater than their financial investment in our programs.

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