About us

At SteppingStone Global we believe that challenges and obstacles should be viewed as steppingstones towards sustainable solutions.  Through constructive dialogue and positive communication, individuals can learn to work cooperatively to better themselves and their organisations.  In so doing, SteppingStone Global aims to create synergy within and between different levels and departments within organisations and to align strategies, values and actions.

Today organisations are experiencing unprecedented challenges in their business environments – in many instances the only constant is change and uncertainty. What is needed is a dynamic approach to management, one in which organisations seek to continuously align strategies, values and actions to create synergies within their businesses such that the outcomes of their actions are greater than the sum of individual activities.

Working hand in hand with clients, SteppingStone Global designs, develops and executes customised programs to help organisations respond to the challenges they face. Through our original management consulting approach, underpinned by principles of win-win, respect and economic benefit, we demonstrate how problems can be transformed into steppingstones to solutions to develop synergy and alignment within and between departments to bring about sustained growth and business success.

Founded in 2005 by Jean Nicolaï in Belgium and based in Bahrain since 2009, SteppingStone Global operates throughout the Gulf Region to help managers to transform their organisations.   We work in partnership with a network of highly skilled educators and trainers from a diversity of backgrounds to ensure that knowledge gained by our clients is transferred into positive actions and behaviours – our overarching aim at SteppingStone Global is to guide executives and leaders to perform more effectively and improve performance by developing synergy and alignment.

SteppingStone Global is the provider of choice for organisational transformation and change – together we can find the solutions you are looking for.

Vision, Mission & Values